TARIFFS 2019-2020

As bookings come and go our calendar is dynamic and therefore currently we provide changing discounts on the tariffs below. Please connect with us for actual prices. 

Overnight stays

Weekend including 6 persons per night                                               800 euro

Midweek including 6 persons per night                                                600 euro

Extra person per night                                                                              50 euro

Cleaning guesthouse                                                                                150 euro

As we do understand that budget is related to the number of people attending we only provide general guidelines. Please connect with us to see what we can do for you.  


Midweeks (mo-thu) per half day                                                            400-800 euro

Fridays per half day                                                                                  600 – 1000 euro


On request

Private dinners                                                                                           

Styled events                                                                                           

Organized team activities                                                                          

Group events (weddings and other bigger celebrations)