Gaining memorable experiences

An inspiration location

Koetshuis Waterland facilitates a variety of gatherings such as: Private get-togethers, Business meetings, Private dinners, Presentations, Celebrations including overnight stays. 

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A unique offering

National monument

Eclectic and vibrant design


Covid-19 safe set-up

Private estate Waterland

Central near Amsterdam

Exclusive use

Flexible use - do as you like

“I believe the authenticity and personality of this place and its natural surrounding brings people together and helps to connect and unite creativity”.

You are most welcome here for a gathering with your friends, family or business team. We help creating the right environment to make unforgettable experiences.

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National monument

In the 18th century, dozens of country estates were founded in the Amsterdam area. One is Waterland. The country houses were mainly inhabited during the summer months, when the canals stank in Amsterdam. The Waterland estate consists of a nature reserve of 29 hectares. The coach house became a national monument in 1997. 

Eclectic and vibrant design

In het Koetshuis you will find a combination of historical details, boutique hotel style sleeping rooms and a startling and personal design. We have used elements of various design and art movements and we transform regularly. We hope to inspire the mind and open the soul. 

Ecological and self-sufficient

Koetshuis Waterland has its own kitchen garden growing vegetables, fruits and flowers such as: beans, chicory,  raspberries, strawberries, hydrangeas, . This is one of the first National Monuments in the Netherlands that is only supplied by solar energy (switched-off from gas). 

Covid-19 safe setting

You will have exclusive use of the location. Furthermore the layout is very spacious giving many opportunities to maintain social distancing (please see “Maps” tab for layouts. There are also many outside opportunities. The building has the “Enhanced Clean” Covid-19 label of airbnb among others. 

Private estate             

Landgoed Waterland is a private domain and not open to the general public. This supports an ecosystem with rare species such as the “kingfisher” bird. For the guests of the estate it means optimal privacy and a natural tranquility. 

Central near Amsterdam

By car Waterland estate is only 20 min away from Amsterdam and 15 min away from Schiphol. You can reach the beach within 10 min. The Koetshuis has its own parking facilities. 


Exclusive use            

The rented property is 400 m2 and is fully yours during your stay at Koetshuis Waterland. You will also have a large private garden. The entire building of 700m2 consists of two adjacent houses. For maps see the “Maps” tab. 

Flexible use and services

There are many different ways to make use of the property. You can use it entirely self-catering and self-serviced however it is also possible to be serviced with custom styling and  organized dinners and events. Please see other pages and reach out to us.