Business venue & Recharge programs

Koetshuis Waterland is our venue facilitating business gatherings in a private setting. Surrounded by nature you have our historical and ecological location exclusively for yourself. 

Estate of Mind thereby is our creativity lab that can provide the right setting for your business gathering and help you with elements from our Recharge program. Our Recharge Program will help to boost Energy and improve Cohesion within your group. 

Koetshuis Venue

The property combines an historical, eclectic and artful decor and therewith brings a creative, sociable and vibrant environment. It serves both informal and formal settings. The venue is yours for one or more days. We offer the opportunity for overnight stays and on demand we can provide additional services such as drinks, food and meeting tools.

You can rent our location for a few hours, a day or multiple days. From Friday till Sunday we hold on to a minimum stay of two days. We can host events up to 50 persons while a maximum of 16 persons can stay overnight. In our Koetshuis we have six bedrooms with double beds, two bathrooms and an extra tiny house with double bed and bathroom. You can see the layout of our ground floor and sleeping area under the “Maps” tab including various seating configurations. 


Estate of Mind Recharge Program

Boosting Energy & Cohesion!

In our work we tend to focus on increasing knowledge, productivity and short term numbers while we often forget about the main drivers to accelerate our Impact: Energized people & Cohesive teams! With Estate of Mind we facilitate gatherings that fuel Energy and improve Cohesion within a group. We do that by connecting people & business and energizing body, mind & spirit.

We are flexible in our offering and can work around your existing business planning program to maximize outcome of your company retreat. Our offering is mostly a frame to support and strengthen your own business program with additional elements from ours. 

Our Recharge Program elements: 

Inspiration workshop (60min)

Start the day with an energetic talk and workshop. Energized people and Cohesive teams have potentially the most impact on improving our outcomes while we often tend to focus on increasing productivity and skills. Therefore in this workshop we highlight the key components to increase Energy levels and improve Cohesion: Empathy, Trust, Passion and alignment of personal and business Motivations. We choose to influence by telling inspiring stories rather than “telling how”. We relate to human history, scientific research, examples and individual lives. We link the various program elements and help the group prepare to gain more out of the time together. 


There is lots to see and hear in our historical coach house and its surrounding nature. On demand we can help to realize additional decor that supports the goals of your event. 


Sport activities release various hormones such as endorfines, serotonins and dopamines and make you strong, euphoric and keep going. Also it connects the body and the mind. 

Fireplace chats & dinners

Ultimately people will need informal time together to understand, bond and relax. 



Music activates various areas of the brain thereby inducing emotions, connectivity and creativity. We help find and bring matching music. 

Icebath (Wim Hoff method)

An iceboat increases heartbeat, blood pressure and respiration thereby alerting and activating the body and mind. Moreover overcoming the challenge of an icebath makes you strong and your body starts releasing happiness hormones. 

Yoga & Meditation

8Yoga & meditation brings back the individual to its inner-self to rest, energize and to open for new insights and ideas. 

Please download here our brochure of our Recharge Programs Sept 23.

Are you ready to experience our venue? Do you want to discuss our Recharge program? Please contact us!


Hester De Witte

Design & Marketing expert in hospitality and healthcare. 

Hester studied marketing in Rotterdam and has an extensive background in corporate/SME marketing and special event management.

Joris Pouw

Experienced entrepreneur and manager in healthcare. 

Joris studied at Delft University and got his Insead mba and after a corporate career set up various businesses.